Face the Media


The Media has such an influence on society that it is impossible to ignore.  These days there are so many more opportunities for communicating your message through the medium of Radio, T.V. and the Print Media – in addition to all the talk shows that proliferate the Radio waves.  Nowadays Journalists and Interviewers are more investigative and therefore more probing, so it is very easy to trip up, portraying an uninspiring image or, heaven forbid, creating a Public Relations disaster.

Charlotte and Malcolm offer the tools to make every Media interview a positive Public Relations opportunity.  We work with groups of six or less, and assist individuals such as C.E.O.’s and other Executives / Spokespersons to capitalise on their own specific talents and handle just about everything that may come their way.

The ‘Face the Media’ Training offered by BDG Communications also provides the critical skills to communicate effectively wherever you may have to speak; in business, in meetings and whenever you have to get an important message across and we will show you how to combat your fears and familiarise Senior Executive Management with the psychology and practicalities of the Media interview.

 By the end of these Workshops you will have gained advanced communication techniques and tactics; be able to handle a hostile or aggressive interview; confidently get your message across in a compelling and convincing manner and know the dangers and pitfalls in an interview.  You will also be able to deliver a good speech, talk to Financial Analysts / Journalists, pitch for business, speak at conferences or deliver off-the-cuff remarks at an event.

Our ‘Face the Media’ programme is divided into Foundation and Advanced Workshops to best portray the scope of Media interaction that each individual will be “facing”.

To find out more about each Workshop, please click on the Foundation or Advanced buttons alongside to view our videos.