Negotiation Skills

Workshop Duration – Two Days

Negotiation is the art of working together to achieve a mutual goal that would have been impossible for one person working alone.

Enhance your team’s Negotiation Skills using tried and trusted tools, tactics and processes.

This intensive two day Workshop is a successful training programme that will build your delegates’ confidence and ability to negotiate.  At the end of this Workshop they will have all the critical skills necessary to negotiate effectively wherever they may have to; in business interactions, in the Boardroom and whenever they have to reach a win-win outcome.  During the Workshop they will be able to track their personal progress using our assessment aids.


 Our objectives are to:

  1. Give them negotiation tools, tactics and processes that immediately enhance their negotiation power base
  2. Boost their confidence - assist positive change to unleash their full negotiation potential
  3. Help them reach a win-win outcome at the end of each negotiation
  4. Turn them into more effective negotiators

The results will increase your team’s:

  1. to understand human habits and behaviours and thereby anticipate more accurately the other party’s next action or reaction
  2. Confidence – giving them the opportunity to communicate a message of strength and anticipated win-win outcome
  3. Ability to remain open-minded, and thereby be better placed to forge the necessary compromises
  4. Ability to remain calm in the eye of a negotiation storm
  5. Ability to look for other options, i.e. find or create viable alternatives

During the two days they will:

Learn some best-practice negotiation theory (Knowledge)

Have a valuable road mapping tool and check list to keep negotiations on track

Practice using the tools, tactics and processes presented

Develop their negotiation skills (Knowledge + Experience = Skill)

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