Face the Media Advanced

Discover how to handle “the interview from hell”.  This Workshop explores in depth the tactics used by aggressive and perhaps hostile interviewers and shows the highly effective counters available to you.

If you have completed the Foundation course and face the prospect of a difficult, possibly even hostile interview then our Advanced ‘Face the Media’ Training will prepare and equip you to cope.  Building on the Foundation skills learnt it shows how to prepare, avoid ambush and carry your Agenda into the interview despite all attempts to disrupt you.  The day culminates in an aggressive ‘on-camera’ interview in a safe environment where you are able to put the skills to work and test your ability to apply them.  Using Transactional Analysis as a springboard this Workshop introduces you to the practical application of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, demonstrating in a number of video examples how the system is effectively applied.

This course is unique in that it carries a full, “no-questions-asked” guarantee that on completion you will have all the tools you need to succeed.  And you are the sole judge of that.